Monday, March 26, 2007

Who wants Creme Brulee?

Son #2 has decided that he wants to study French. So we will attempt to sign him up for that, next year, when he's a freshman. After his visit to 8th Grade Transition Fair, he is psyched about the whole high school thing, looking forward to a fine arts focus and French classes, most especially. And trying to erase all thought of math class, because he will be taking Algebra, which has a history of butt kicking in this house.

In the mean time, we went to the library and got some "teach yourself French" books, a Standard Deviants French DVD, and a basic French cookbook. The creme brulee is chilling, and I am crossing my fingers, in hope that at least one of the Sons won't want it. Because I want some. I LOVE creme brulee. And there are only 4 portions.

I guess I should tell Son #3 that creme brulee is French for "vegetables".

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