Monday, March 05, 2007

my hot tub is coming! Sunday. I cannot wait. Even now, I have a strong urge to lounge in deep, hot water with a damp towel on my face and a clanking pitcher full of icy tea by my side. I am beyond thrilled. Lisa, you are a saintly benefactress and I hope you love your "real bathtub" that is going in the place of the hot tub you're sending my way.

I am also tired, and think I will retire to the bedroom, where I will floss thoroughly, and cream my face with any number of age-defying emollients. Ever have that urge? Like, you want to just keep piling on layers of creamy stuff until your skin declares itself satisfied and refuses to absorb a single swipe more? That's what I want, tonight. The spa experience, writ small.

And then, I shall fall asleep while Hubby watches 24. Because as much as I enjoy 24, I enjoy sleep a thousand times more.

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