Sunday, October 21, 2007

Great Moments in Parenting, #2

Son #1 is having an emotional freakout. These generally consist of yelling at me.

I am calmly, quietly, going about my business (cleaning the kitchen, collecting laundry and trash, wiping urine off the toilet) while calmly, quietly repeating:

"If you want to do well, study. If you need a break from studying, do something else for a while. But yelling at me will not help you. Do something productive with your time, instead of freaking out and yelling."

"I CAN'T DO THAT! I am ALREADY a loser, compared to Dad, OR EVEN YOU."

And here I stand, with a vinegar-soaked washcloth, wiping boys' piss off of the toilet I scrubbed 2 days ago, while being yelled at by a teenager.

He is right. I want the fuck out.


ALF said...

Boo for having a crappy day! I have 1 husband and 0 sons and I yet I still must spend my time cleaning pee (and sometimes poo too) off of the toilet seats. Men.

Christine said...

Yeah, see, that is just wrong.

Jill said...

:-( :-( :-(

I hope today is better.