Monday, October 01, 2007

Keeping the Sons on their toes

Last night, we were watching (insert predictable crime show, here) and the plot was, one parent died, and the kids were stuck with the other parent.

Hubby and I commented that the sons sure would be bored, with me, because Hubby is a notorious risk-taker, with many a near-death experience behind him, while I am, well, a mom with a literature degree who keeps her risks safely in her head or on paper. As the Sons were trying, lamely, to convince me that nooooo, I am not boring, they wouldn't mind living with me, they love me, la la la, Hubby piped up with:

"Yeah, but WHICH one of us nearly got her ass handed to her, in bar fights, TWICE this year?"

The boys all looked at me in awe. I am their biker bar brawl mama. Wooooo!

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