Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Effin' Birthday

Yesterday was my 40th birthday. It was OK.

One of my favorite people took me out for lunch, and ice cream, and cigarettes. And a present! Fiddlin' Writer knows what I need, on those Big Milestone Birthdays.

My favorite person took me out for dinner. He also cleaned the den, and our bedroom, and gave me earrings. Can you guess who this is? Or that there are about a million more reasons why he is one of the most spectacular people, ever?

The Sons each gave me a hug. Which was perfect.

And then, just as I was thinking I had gotten away with 40 unscathed, a Son had one of his patented meltdowns, including yelling at me that nothing I had taught him or his brothers was worthwhile at all.

I went directly to bed. When birthdays go south, best to just duck out.

(he apologized, by the way, both for the content and the timing of his comments. So I guess it actually was a pretty damn good day)

I'm glad I got that over with! Now I can get back to daily stuff.


ALF said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the internet!

Christine said...


Jill said...

Happy birthday! I remember one year my daughter threw a giant tantrum about something or another on my birthday & I was soooooooooooo upset. She ended up writing me this sweet note afterwards - I still have it somewhere.