Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Sons #1 and #2 are hosting the Second Annual Halloween Bash. It is going well. I took Sons #3 and #4 trick-or-treating, in the course of which we saw:

a couple of teens starting to TP a house ( I recognized one of the teens, and knew the residents of the house, who were home at the time)

one crying toddler

a couple giving out quart-sized bags of candy to each kid, and taking their pictures. We got to see the Sons' photo from last year.

And two houses with CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. First the Branson commercial, and now this!

The Halloween Bash should be over in about half an hour, which means we have reached the portion of the evening which is candy-fueled and loud.

Or, actually, I think it's been candy-fueled and loud since about 6, but I lucked out and missed about 90 minutes of the Bash, to hike the neighborhood with my youngest two.

Happy Halloween, guys!

Oh, and I carved a puking pumpkin, this year. Takes no time at all, and boys think it's the cooliest. I highly recommend it.

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Christine said...

Well, as of November 1, I am totally OK with Christmas lights. I may not be putting them up myself, just yet, but I can deal.