Sunday, October 21, 2007

Son #4's Top 5 Worst Halloween Treats

#5-pennies (although, with enough of those, you can BUY a treat)
#4-granola bars

He swears he got a piece of celery, once. Shame on that horrible, horrible neighbor.


ALF said...

My mom used to give out Halloween pencils (along with candy). What does Son #4 think of pencils as Halloween treats?

Christine said...

"It's kinda stupid. In fact, that would be my new 'toothbrushes', in my list of 5 worst halloween treats."

Although, since she also includes candy, I think he would overlook the school supplies.

Jill said...

My kids enjoy those gooey eyeballs that stick to the ceiling, but I say if it's not chocolate don't even bother!