Sunday, April 20, 2008

Actually, I do enjoy watching some sports

Yesterday I was on the treadmill watching the World's Strongest Man competition.


I always feel a little stupid, when Hub is watching football or baseball. I can't keep track of all the ruuuuuuules. And the guys are all going in all kinds of directions and I can't keep them straight. And there is all this special lingo. It's just not fun.

I don't like team sports. I like World's Strongest Man. I like wrestling. Running. Speed skating. Biathlon.

There's not a lot of complicated thinking. There's not much strategy. No teamwork. Just:

Is he faster?
Is he stronger?
Is he better than the other guy?

I love that.

I was totally into World's Strongest Man, yesterday. Is that guy gonna get all 10 barrels over the wall? Can he hump those Atlas Stones onto the pillars fast enough? And GOOD GOD, deadlifting 750 lbs. That is some kinda strong.

Yay, ESPN!

And, FYI, NO, this does not qualify as a mmmmmmmmmmmmen post. I love to watch World's Strongest Man, but those guys do not qualify as Christine's Sexiest Guys. Too darn bulky.


Anonymous said...

Oh I agree with that!! Great fun to watch but ewww no thanks in the looks department!

ALF said...

Those guys are more scary than sexy. I don't think humans are supposed to look like that.