Monday, April 14, 2008

Who's hardcore? I AM HARDCORE, BeOTCHES!

This morning I got some writing done--personal writing, and some creative stuff that I may be able to publish at some point. It was all a warm-up for the Chamber of Commerce stuff I will be working on all week.

I didn't really have time for breakfast, before my weights class, so I grabbed a can of V-8 and an apple. Ate the apple in the car on the way to the gym. Saved the V-8 for after class.

About 40 minutes into class, I felt light headed. I walked out, had a seat on a bench in the lobby, and passed out.

Woke up a minute or so later, hurling Granny Smith bits all over myself.

Got up, cleaned off the bench, vacuumed the apple off the carpet, drank my bottle of water, and drove home to blog about it.

How was YOUR workout today?



Anonymous said...

Woah! I would be a pathetic heap of snivelling mess by now! You da Man, umm, I mean, You da woman!

Cynthia said...

Way to go there, Ms. Hardcore! By swim season you will be a shing example for all of us more couch oriented girls!


Kudos for vaccuuming it up yourself!

Sue said...

This is why I'd rather work on an empty stomach than freshly eaten food.

Are you feeling okay now?

Christine said...

Yes, Sue, actually I feel fine. A little wobbly, maybe, but I can eat. I am taking it relatively easy, the rest of the day. Because I have SO TOTALLY EARNED IT.


ALF said...

I must always eat before I workout or else that is what happens to me. It's the reason I have a fake tooth because, as it turns out, if you pass out and smack your face on concrete, your tooth will break.

Andrea said...


jtj3 said...

Uh, it sure wasn't THAT exciting...

Hope you're feeling better and hope you don't repeat this!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Yike! Glad you're feeling better!

And Alf - wow, I didn't realize! I've felt really sick before from not eating, but I never actually passed out.

nexy said...

i avoid eating before i work out. though i haven't hurled in over 30 years. it's just too gross, so i refuse to do it. i have come pretty close though.