Sunday, April 20, 2008

Great Political Discussion of the Day (or, everyone I know is on the far ends of the spectrum)

I made a new friend, this spring. He and I chat a lot. He's great. He thinks I am great. We have a blast, online.

He told me this evening that he won't be online for a few days, because he'll be in PA helping Obama.

"I hope you don't mind I'm not a Hillary supporter," he said.

"I hope you don't mind I'm a lifelong Republican," I responded. Because, as my loyal readers have surmised by now, I would gladly vote for Zombie Reagan, were he running from beyond the grave.

We got a good laugh out of it. And I told him about my blog, today, too.


WELCOME, HONEY! WELCOME TO THE BLOG! I love you, even though we are going to skip to our respective polling places this November and cancel each other out.


Anonymous said...

You crack me up Christine! That last line about cancelling out the votes almost made me spit tea!
*waves to yor friend* :o)

ALF said...

Horray for new friends who don't care that you have different political views!