Tuesday, October 07, 2008

And it's a banner day, at Chez Christine

Today, Son #2 got his braces off. He is thrilled, naturally. And I was going to mention that to all my bloggy people, definitely. Especially since the orthodontist sent him back to school with a giant bag of chewy, sticky, hard, sugary stuff he was not supposed to go NEAR for the past few years. Understanding goes a long way.

But holy beans, you know what ELSE just happened?

Son #3 just bagged the trash and took it out. I noticed, and thanked him for seeing something that needed to be done, and doing it, unasked. His response?

"Yeah, well...it's my house, too."

Not ALL of my kids have figured that one out. But it is wonderful when one of them makes it clear that he understands that he is part of a community.


Anonymous said...

Crack open the wine girlie! It's a GOOD day!! ;o)

Cynthia said...

The DS #3, he is your keeper! I {heart} him!

ALF said...

No braces and the trash taken out without asking? Wow.