Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Gave My Sole to the VA GOP

Brick, Veggie Blonde, Sons #3 and 4 and I had a great time in the rain at the Palin rally in Fredericksburg yesterday.

Lots of people wore red.

This woman in particular made my day: She caught me hopping a fence OUT of the press area (I did not realize I was IN the press area) and yanked my sleeve. When I nearly toppled onto her, and told her not to touch me, she freaked out...and apparently talked about me for the next 20 minutes. Later, I decided that fighting her, and getting arrested, would have been very cool. But Whaddya want? At least I can be snarky on my blog.

And no, I haven't lost my ability to spell. The sole of my shoe fell off on the hike back to the parking garage. Stylish, perhaps, but definitely not the choice for a rainy day.


ALF said...

Those shoes are intense. I'm surprised you didn't break an ankle!

Andrea said...

Girl--you should've handle yo business with that heffer...nobody talks shi-it about Ms. Christine.

Christine said...

Alf--Ankles are fine, but the blisters were, um...embarrassing.

Andrea--HA! I love it. Can you just SEE it?

"Middle-Aged Republican Women Brawl at Palin Rally: Feminists Say, 'We SAID They're All Crazy!'"