Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wisdom of the Day

"Soooo, are you ever going to blog again?" she asked. Yeah, I know, I suck cheese.

Instead of blogging, the past few days I have been organizing the house. It is dreadfully dull and does not provide much in the way of blog fodder. I got nothin', ok? Be grateful I am not telling you about the mildew in the hall bathroom or the dust next to the washer.

But in my heaps of paper (I am working on my desk, today) I found the following:

"This is the work of those who are skilled and peaceful, who seek the good: May they be able and upright, straightforward, of gentle speech and not proud. May they be content and easily supported, unburdened, with their senses calmed. May they be wise, not arrogant and without desire for the possessions of others. May they do nothing mean or that the wise would reprove. May all things be happy. May they live in safety and joy.

--Metta Suta

Something to think about, as I clean, I guess.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Does it have to be only for the skilled and peaceful? 'Cause us anxiety-ridden sort of skill-less people could use some of that too I'm thinking. Well I could at any rate.

Hope you're well on your way to an organized & clean house. I can NOT WAIT for some of that organized and clean feeling myself (I say, as my two kids sleep in the living room full of moving boxes because the ceiling is still gone from their room).

ALF said...

I am glad you are still alive. I thought maybe the lemon popcorn snack killed you.

Cynthia said...

Whoa, dude blogged....

Come on out from under the pile of paper and TALK to us friend!!!!

: )

Penelope said...

Hoorah! I thought you'd run off with that bass playing backgammon bloke ;o)

Christine said...

Jill, yeah, I am pretty far on the anxiety-ridden, skill-less side of the scale, myself, so...we can both start slow.

ALF-no WAY! Although, I have rediscovered my love for grapefruit and green beans, more lemon corn this week.

Cynthia--you got it! I shall bring you hams. You looked lovely in your PJs, by the way, and The Hub should definitely slide in there before they're too baggy for the pair of you.

Penelope--Nope, no running off. But I have been listening to him practice, know where THAT leads.