Friday, February 06, 2009

2 down, 2 to go

My kids all know I have a blog, and that sometimes they do something that gets mentioned on here. Recently Son #4 specifically asked me to leave something off the blog---and so I did. But I never told the Sons my url, because I didn't want them telling the extended family where to look to discover Mom's Secret Personality.

Actually, it is not really a secret. But, you know how it is. I am a bit more honest on the blog than I am with my inlaws, maybe. Anyway, I figured they'd find me if they wanted to. It's not like the Bat-Cave, over here.

Yesterday, Son #2 and Son #3 both told me they have been reading my blog for some time. They think I am hilarious. Which is great. I would much rather they like it, than be mortified.

I told them, "Now that you've found me, you should start commenting!"

They may, they say.

So, Welcome to the Blog, Boys! I love you both and am honored you came looking for me.


Cynthia said...

So I guess this means they know all about the porno flooring plan??
: )

Hi boys....nice to see you!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

What can you do, they've got good taste. *shrug shrug*

Welcome guys!!!!! Remember not to invite your relatives...
:-) :-) :-)

ALF said...

That's pretty awesome that they think you're hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Hello, sons!

So, what did they think of your last cleaning incentives?

Beth said...

I've often wondered how your mom and inlaws feel about your blog, and admired your nerve ;). By the way, my son came home from school the other day and said that his friends had read my "random 25 things about me" on my facebook." I have never been so mortified... but he said not to worry, because they all think I sound kinda cool. Gee! I'm cool!!