Saturday, February 28, 2009


Yes, the weather is starting to be less horrible so yesterday and today I have been raking. Our flower beds are so full of leaves as to ensure this is a project I can keep up on for months on end.

I have enlisted the Sons as tarp haulers, so I can focus my energies on raking alone. That, and picking up the odd bits of trash I keep finding under the leaves:

2 practice golf balls
2 toy handguns
2 spent shot gun shell casings
2 children's rubber balls
innumerable airsoft pellets (they are green, so they stay on the ground)
several plastic wrappers
several unidentifiable bits of plastic and metal
a small section of indoor-outdoor carpet
a tool for planting bulbs
a pair of children's toothbrushes, lashed together with dental floss and tape

Ellie, one of our cats, finds the whole process interesting. She has been checking on me as the day progresses, making sure someone sits on each newly exposed patch of dirt.

Son #1 is practicing with his band, out in the garage, so I have musical accompaniment. And I have uncovered some tulips-on-the-way. I love tulips.

It's pretty sweet, all in all.


Cynthia said...

How fabulous that you had helpers...too bad all that pretty cleared space will be covered in SNOW this time tomorrow..those poor close..

Anonymous said...

Ha! You garden haul sounds like mine, except I also find stuff that Monty (the wonder) Dog raided out of the bins and hid under the bushes. You don't want to know!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

That's good the cat is making sure the dirt gets sat on. Cats are so efficient that way!

ALF said...

All this and now you're having snow!