Sunday, February 01, 2009

Say "Great Satan" again.

Yeah, all that to say I agree with Iran, this time around. Telling Ahmadinejad that we want to talk to them doesn't make them want to talk to us. It makes them see we are choosing passivity and weakness, and convinces the crazy, violent portion of that part of the world that they can do whatever they want because we won't even try to slow them down.

Hopefully, at some point, we will wise up and demand Iran takes us seriously.


Anonymous said...

I say fence them in, throw in all the weapons they want and let them thin themselves out.


Christine said...

Yes, the "self-cleaning oven" theory of the Arab world has some merit, but I think we suck, thus far, at the whole fence thing.

Son Number 2 said...

For some reason, I find the thought of Samuel L Jackson cursing Iran down very comforting.

"That's IT! I am tired of these motherflowering TERRORISTS on my motherflowering PLANE!"