Thursday, August 16, 2007

Aw, my son can't tell I'm past my sell date

On the way home from the orthodontist's office, Son #2 opened The CD Mom Always Keeps in the Car and Usually Plays, Unless Dad is There Because He is Sick of It.

Because, the Sons are not yet tired of ACME Blues Company, and are almost as happy to listen to them as I am. They even sing ACME songs, for their own enjoyment. Or, in the case of Son #4, to charm Mom with a kiss on the hand and a couple of bars of "Sugar Mama".

Anyway, Son #2 noticed the autographs.

"How did you get them to sign this?"

So I told him, "We asked them. They play really small places. We talk to them, sometimes, between sets. That's how we first started to go see them: Dad knows their bass player."

He was suitably impressed. Also, completely clueless.

"Ya know, Mom, if you've got married women with children asking for your autograph, you must really know you've made it."


Jill said...

Really?!? Having married women with children interested in your autograph (as opposed to ?????? Unmarried women? Married men? Gerbils?) counts as having made it?!?

Very cute!

Christine said...

I think that's it. Son #2 knows that I am busier than your average young, supple, single chick. And that I generally have more important things to do than follow musicians around.

So I guess, to him, it proves that they are awesome, because they can distract a serious person from the serious things in life and make her act like a crazed teen groupie.

Which I have been known to do, lately.

Son #1, however, he knows the truth--groupies should be young, single, available and cute.

Perhaps I am still cute.