Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First day of school

Sons #1 and 2 got on the high school bus, this morning, and all is well. Meaning:

-they were bored, but not morbidly so
-there is an "adorable, tiny, genius girl" in Honors English
-Son #1's former health teacher was fired over the summer, for child molestation (but Son #1 didn't see it coming)

Today was also the first day of school for Sons #3 and 4. Homeschooling 2 is easier than 3. Homeschooling 2 is infinitely easier than 4. My house is quiet and I have hardly anything to grade, this evening.

And lastly, today was the day my new, Oasis washer and dryer arrived. They are fast. They are efficient (or so they say). They are nearly silent. I am quickly catching up on heaps of laundry, because they are massive. Plus, they are a stylin' blue. Can't beat that.

I am burning cinnamon candles, which smell great to me and the Sons, and smell like "something's burning!" to Hubby.

And now, I shall fill out the reams of demographic forms required by the state, and fold my fluffy, warm, dry clothes. That's an evening's entertainment, right there!


ALF said...

We're having a new front loader washer and dryer delivered to our house when we move in next week. I am SO excited! And that is how I know that I am now old...I love it!

Christine said...

Yes, I know. I just whipped the comforter off of my bed, because I Can Wash This, Too, While I'm At It.

Jill said...

All's well when the kids are bored in school, huh? :-) :-) :-)

Still, better bored than having foreseen the health teacher's firing.
:-( How cute on the genius girl!

Christine said...


This is Son #2's first year back in Real School, after 5 years at home. So, yes, I like "bored" much more than "overwhelmed". Not that I was expecting that, but, you know, he's my baby.

And, yes, last year his brother saw some Definitely Not Boring But Also Highly Illegal stuff at school, so I will take bored over that pile o' stuff, any day. 'Cause I'm a mom.