Thursday, August 02, 2007

The joys of almost 40

My heels are like tree bark, I swear. And I used to have cute feet! I'm just racking up those satisfying moments. And 40 is just...a couple of months away. The excitement that awaits! I can't stand it!


ALF said...

just hope that you don't get toenails that look like chiclets...that's what happened to my mom...we tease her mercilessly.

Christine said...

No chance. I just got a pedicure, today, to get rid of the tree bark, and I most definitely do not have chiclets. Just adorable little pink toes.


Kim said...

Two word: Foot file.
Or whatever that thing is you can buy in the nail stuff sectioin in Wal-Mart. Mine is called Ms. Pedicure and it gets that rough stuff off fast and painlessly. Then again, screw that: getting a pedicure sounds much more fun!

I'll be 40 next March. I'll be looking to YOU to tell me "The water's fine!" I rather can't wait. I plan on embracing 40 like "YES! WHHHEEEEE! I'm 40 at LAST!"

At least that's the plan.

Kim said...

PS. This is not "Christine goes to summer camp," writing as you said.

This is slice-of-life writing and you do it well!