Friday, August 24, 2007

It's all a matter of perspective

Last night was Open Mic Night. I LOVE Open Mic Night, because I dance like a fool all night. But last night was especially fun:

Son #1 saw me in my jeans, denim jacket, understated makeup and platform wedges and said I looked "A little prostitutey, but not in a bad way, Mom!"

This made me a little nervous, so I asked several Adult Peoples for their opinion. The consensus was that I didn't look prostitutey at all, but rather
A) fine (yes, ladies, that was my husband who tossed out that heartwarming compliment. And no, he did not say I looked "fiiiine". It was just "sure, yeah, you look fine." Hubby is a guy.)
B) a little hot
C) like a biker chick
D) "Good. I mean, you look REAL good."

I especially liked that last one, as you can imagine. Men who can sling a compliment like that are AWESOME.

Also fun, and a personal first: As I walked into the bar, the singer who leads Open Mic Night saw me and yelled, "Hi, CHRISTINE!" I felt like a total band fixture. Which is a major goal for me, these days.

I also discovered, over the course of the evening, that I actually still AM capable of dancing in platform wedges. This is a skill I have not used since 1986, when I met Hubby, who is an awesome musician but not one to dance. So, yes, 21 years later, and after just a little nervous shuffling on the dance floor, I was able to work it like I meant it. 'Cause I most certainly do.


Jill said...

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even be able to walk in those, much less dance. I have to take off my flip flops even...probably would even have to take off tennies! So funny on a little prostitutey in a good way. :-)

Christine said...

Yes, I have decided that within the next six months or so, I have to get soooo comfortable in heels again that I am out dancing in a really egregious pair of stripper heels, just to crack Son #1 up.

Wouldn't that be great? Visiting your mom in the emergency room because she broke her ankle, dancing in a pair of 8-inch platforms? I think every teenage boy needs a moment like that.

Cynthia said...

ROFLOL, well you did look hot and as DH said, like a biker chick! Can't wait to see the heels!