Sunday, August 05, 2007

How do you do it?

As a homeschooling mother of 4 Very Talkative Sons (one of whom, I swear, is a gold medalist in the Talking Olympics, somewhere), and a freelance writer with aspirations of writing More than Just the Stuff on My Deadlines Calendar, I am often asked HOW I get anything done at all. This usually comes from people with one kid, or no kids, who I guess picture me Mary Poppins-ing all day and whipping literary genius out of thin air. When really I am just kind of an average Mom, on a good day, and a hack, most of the time.

Today, I spent a chunk of time doing 12 loads of laundry at the laundromat, and then I went to the gym so I don't completely fall apart, and then I went home to tidy up the mess that appears when I'm gone for 5 solid hours. And then I wrote Hubby an email, because tomorrow is our anniversary and I want him to know that I noticed.

It is now 8pm. I am kinda beat (after all, I was up 'til 2 last night, and got about 4 hours of sleep). I am up against an important deadline, and there is a TV on down the hall, and Talking Boy is at it in the basement, and my corner-of-the-living-room office is not cutting it, Cones of Silence-wise.

I spent a few minutes imagining what life would be like if I had a real office, with walls and a door, and ten-inch thick walls. I decided, on second thought, that if I really did have a soundproof room, I would probably never come out. And that would be bad.

So I did the next best thing. I am wearing earplugs.

They are surprisingly effective. I can barely hear anything.

They are also unbelievably uncomfortable. Perhaps that will help me write faster, in anticipation of removing the giant, pink, expand-o-pains in my head holes.


Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary--Early!

I've been in a number of weddings and I may say that your wedding was the BEST!!!! It was the first and only wedding I've been in where I knew everyone in the bridal party. Boy that makes things fun.

I remember us bridesmaids walking around in shorts at the church and one the girl's dad quizzing us about when we planned on getting dressed. I remember us bridesmaids taking on the groomsmen who wanted our room to change into their tuxes. Nothing doing. I also remember having the worst case of food hangover--ever. We ate some much at the rehearsal dinner we were stuffed to the gills. I also remember meeting up with your mom, sister and the other bridesmaids to go looking for the bridesmaid dresses and then going out to lunch. I do remember so much about that wedding. But most of all I remember how beautiful my two favorite people in the whole wide world looked that day. You guys were awesome and still are today.

Take it easy my Asphalt & Brie friend (remember that conversation...).

Love to you both!


Christine said...

Wow, you remember more about my wedding than I do!

And Asphalt and Brie---would you believe I remember we HAD that conversation, but I remember no details? I think I need more fish oil, or something. The brain is shot.

And what do I remember about YOUR wedding?
-the ex-girlfriend who refused to talk to Mike or look at me

-your bridesmaids' gowns were gorgeous.

-and most especially, that your husband was outrageously good looking and YOU HADN'T MENTIONED THAT BEFORE.

Andrea said...

I think we were talking about missions and how we needed roads (asphalt) and brie 'cuz we were modern girls or some such nonsense...I think we were being pretty silly one night...okay we were pretty silly most nights. You said you would send me some asphalt and brie or I said I would send you some. In any case, we thought it was pretty funny.

Christine said...

Ah, yes. And I still appreciate the asphalt. But I think brie is just too upscale for me, these days.

Ya know what I really missed? Cheerios. Mexican food. Pizza-by-the-slice.

And the funny thing is, I can think of a whole long LIST of stuff from Thailand that I miss, even though we've been back 14 years...