Sunday, August 12, 2007

The creepy totems of motherhood worship

I have 4 kids. Everybody knows this, not least my mushy abdominal section.

I stay home, and have curtailed my career, mostly because of those 4 kids. I am gearing up for my 6th year of homeschooling. My calendar is black with their social engagements and sports practices and school events and whatnot. I have Mommy Cred, ok?

But I really don't need the creepy totems of Motherhood Worship.

Like this necklace, which my mother gave me today because SHE ALREADY HAS ONE JUST LIKE IT. Can't we have kids, and raise them, and love them, without having to wear a dorky billboard around our necks, advertising the existence of our kids?

I'll wear this the day you see me in a Christmas sweater.


antiprincess said...

eeek. is this going to happen to me?

Christine said...

Well, I can't guarantee you'll ever WANT crap like this (although I am mortified to note that many women seem to).

But I CAN guarantee that people will buy you this crap. And be shocked that you don't want it.