Thursday, November 01, 2007

What it takes to be cool

For the record, I've never really managed "cool".

In recent years, though, I've kind of thought that maybe, in my circle, at least, I am one of the cooler people. Ha. Just ask a 16 year old.

As last night's party approached, I overheard Son #1 talking excitedly with his first party guest.

"I can't WAIT to meet ----'s Mom. She listens to System of a Down! She really cranks it up! They mosh pit TOGETHER! And sometimes, she doesn't even cook dinner, she's been head banging all day. She sounds soooooo coooooool."

I, in the next room, of course, thought, "She sounds soooooo depressed."

But what do I know? Me and my classic rock, funk, blues, folk, jazz, and hot dinner.

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