Thursday, December 20, 2007

Grapefruit junkies unite!

For the past few weeks, I have been overwhelmed by a craving for grapefruit. I cannot let them run out. I go to the store as soon as I eat the last grapefruit, and buy a new bag.

As you can see, I eat them at my desk. Every couple of days, I have to Windex my laptop, because it is sticky.

The grapefruit is delicious. I cannot get enough. Son #4 thinks this is hilarious. But, yeah, even I think it is kinda funny. I am going through a 3 lb bag of grapefruit about every 36 hours.

Which basically means that I am, accidentally and with no plan, kinda doing the Grapefruit Diet. Let's see if all this grapefruity goodness pays off on the scale, when I weigh in in a couple of days.

But even if it doesn't, I swear they cannot MAKE enough grapefruit for the Christine.


Kim said...

You are the Queen of all things fruity. Well, bananas and grapefruits anyhow.

ALF said...

One thing I totally miss about Florida is all the delicious grapefruits. They were both delicious and FREE - Doug's grandparents have grapefruit and orange trees!

Christine said...

I should add, I eat the grapefruit at my desk because when I ate it in bed, Hubby was also sticky. Grapefruits splash.

And Hubby is much less comfortable than my laptop with the "I'll just hit you with some Windex every couple of days" plan.

Kim's Spouse said...

I recommend peeling the grapefruit like an orange...

Christine said...

Spouse, that is an excellent idea, but for 2 major roadblocks:

Firstly, it is grapefruit. Grapefruit tradition requires I slice it in half.

Secondly, how would I get the Splenda on there?

Cynthia said...


'nuff said!

Ms. Q said...

A friend I know is totally addicted to those peeled and sliced grapefruits in a jar! He said he goes through a jar a day.

Kinda pricey though. He has to work on Christmas. Actually, he chose to work on Christmas ("Triple Pay, Baby!") and I think I might buy him a a jar of grapefruit as a Christmas present and drop by office on Christmas. Slap a bow onto and tape a plastic fork to the jar and ... it's all good!

I like grapefruit but their sheer size just kinda overwhelms me. A bit much to tackle. When I see them all sliced up and peeled at those breakfast buffets? I am grabbing them!