Monday, December 03, 2007

I (jingle bell) ROCK!

Poky Redhead's annual Christmas Prep Party was yesterday. A bunch of women who love her (PR has that effect on just about everyone) sit around eating and doing Christmas Crafts, in theory. In reality, mostly we sit around eating. And people who really feel ambitious might scrapbook (I did last year) or address Christmas cards.

So, yesterday I did all the cards.

YES, it is ridiculous to me that I need to drive nearly 2 hours, each way, to write my cards. But I did, and they are done, and they are IN THE MAILBOX NOW, with the flag up and everything.

I'm nowhere near done with the shopping, I am avoiding baking because baking leads to eating, and none of our decorations are up. But I have sent Holiday Cards (we have the occasional Jewish relative) to everyone.



ALF said...

I have done 35 of my Christmas cards so far. I have about 65 more to go. I go a little bit insane when it comes to Christmas cards.

Christine said...

We used to, too. Then, one year, I decided to not bother. I am down to less than 50 cards. And those other people? Never heard from them again, so they must not miss me all that much ;)

Ms. Q said...

Hmm. Well..getting laid off at this time of year does have it upside - I can get my Holiday Cards out in time. Last year I made my own - printed out photos, glued them to quarter-folded letter sized sheets of paper.

Not sure what I'll do this year. I just don't like boxed cards. Well, if I don't send cards I also have a great excuse! At 41 cents each, that adds up!

Off the topic of this post, I don't know why I missed your photo in your profile before - did you just add it? Great expression on your face!

Christine said...

Yes, I just added the photo--that is me at my husband's Mandatory Horrible Christmas Party, last week.