Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ah, the joys of dancing with drunks

"YER BEAUTIFUL! Ya know, I'm 28, and I've been single since I was 23. YER BEAUTIFUL."

Naturally, I thanked him, the first few times. And when he noticed the ring on my finger, and asked about it, I whipped out my photo of Hubby & the make things absolutely clear. But inside, my initial urge was to say,

"Shut up and dance, OK? You're drunk as a skunk, and I have been married since you were 9 years old."

I really need to collect more "fun, intelligent, soberish men who like to dance and know I'm crazy about my husband" for these nights out. Because dancing with the crowd is less fun than it oughta be, for a person who loves to dance.

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