Monday, September 17, 2007

Then why do some guys smell so much better than others?

New study says "it's not his sweat, it's your nose". OK, I am game.

But, if it's all in how I PERCEIVE smell, how come men don't all smell the same? There should be a generic Guy Smell, I would think, for me. All men would smell like that.

In reality, though, as on the pages of this blog, some of them smell goooooooood. (Hubby, I am talking to you). And others, well, Ick.

And I am carting the same nose around, everywhere I go. I think this is one of those studies that doesn't mean anything.


Jill said...

Well it makes *some* sense...y'know? Like if you happen to like beer breath then that guy at the bar is more likely to smell yummy...

It is an interesting article. Although either I'm really tired or it's a little ambiguous in the last few paragraphs.

Christine said...

Yes, and a friend commented to me,

"Well, that's bacteria, Christine. You're just smelling dirty guys."