Friday, September 14, 2007

I stopped by the high school, yesterday drop off a school fee check that had been mouldering in the basement for the past 3 weeks. God help these children, when they have to pay a mortgage and the electric bill Every Month, and On Time, Too.

Every staff member I saw encouraged me to wait right where I was, rather than brave the halls during change of class. But I had an interview to get to, and besides, I am not afraid of a hallway full of teenagers.

I ran into Son #2, in the hall, but he had that shell-shocked freshman look and didn't notice me. Maybe 10 steps later, I saw Son #1, and he saw me.


He turned around to walk with me. He threw his arm around my shoulder. He shouted to his friends.

"Check me out! I'm with my girlfriend! She's an Older Woman! See, I'm with my girl!"

He walked me all the way across the building, to the front entrance, laughing and joking with me the whole time. It reminded me very much of the way my Uncle the Body Model used to joke and flirt with my grandmother. Very sweet. And perhaps, as Hubby says, evidence of the Italian Gene.

At the door, he whipped his arm off of my shoulder, waved his hands around, and made a face.


I swear, the boy is charm.


Jill said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! Very sweet!!!!

Andrea said...

Someone's getting extra $$ in his allowance!

Too cute.

Christine said...

Actually, Andrea, I think he just does that stuff as insurance for the days when he makes me want to throttle him. So, it balances out.

But, yes, love that boy.