Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sure, I'll clean the house

I read some common-sense parenting advice in the paper this weekend. Long story short, don't nag. Do.

In other words, if you ask your kids to clean their room, and they don't do it, don't pester them. It is ineffectual and annoys the hell out of you. Instead, clean their room. Thoroughly. Stuff that they think belongs on the floor, but you think belongs in the trash, goes in the trash. You end up with a clean house, without nagging, and they end up (maybe) realizing that if they cleaned their room, you wouldn't steal their stuff.

So today I spent a little time in one of the Sons' bedrooms. The thrift store will be richer today, and quite a lot of scrap paper will be recycled.

I still can't find the source of the stench in there, though. Guess this is a long-term project.


ALF said...

The source of the stench might be your son himself...boys are so SMELLY. Don't throw him away though!

Christine said...

True, very true. But this is an odd sort of dusty smell. More than just boy.

Jill said...

I decided something similar this week - I was sooooooooo tired of the kids' messy room. I decided I was dumping all their stuff into the closet where at least I could close the door. My daughter complained about not being able to get into her closet to get dressed. I was like, "Well I told you if you left all that stuff on the floor I was going to throw it away, so count yourself lucky." She did.

Christine said...

Ya know why? Because she is a girl. Girls, I think, are better able to say, "Gee, I think Mom is going to kill us if we don't change."

Boys (at least my boys) get that "Mom's losing it again," look, hunker down for a minute or two, and go back to business as usual as soon as I'm not actively going medieval on their little butts.