Sunday, September 02, 2007

Christine's doing something....right?

Last night, after jumping up to sing backup on Mustang Sally, a woman with whom I'd shared a microphone pulled me aside.

"Do you have a sister named Tonya? You look EXACTLY like my friend Tonya."

She then pulled me around to her group of friends.

"Doesn't she look JUST like Tonya? If she had blond hair, they'd be twins."

Everyone in her group agreed. I am a dead ringer for Tonya. So, naturally, I asked:

"So, who is this Tonya? Is she nice?"

"Tonya's a hooker!"


Andrea said...

Thank you so much for my biggest laugh this week! Too, too funny.

Also, you jumping up onstage to sing--is this the same women dreading the big 4-0. Girl! You are so cool!

P.S. Is Mike going to buy you a blonde wig?

Christine said...

Yes, I am dreading it because I think I am...not aging gracefully at all.

But, hey, at least I can be undignified and dumpy while belting it out in front of the crowd, right? Maybe I am about to enter a Janis Joplin phase (minus the drugs, thank you. I have control issues).

Jill said...

Well let's hope she's a nice hooker atleast. :-)

Christine said...

Well, I can't say for sure if she's a nice hooker. But obviously she is smokin' hot...

Cynthia said...

Bawahaaaaaaa,go for the blonde wig girl! Do it!!!!