Monday, July 09, 2007

Aaaah! Raogarnane! Gimme da one! Gah!

We are leaving the Happy Boondocks for a few days in the veritable Lap of Luxury. Today was pack day...which also included short trip to the ladies' clothing department, because I wanted to be stuffing my duffle with clothes I actually don't mind wearing.

So, I had the Sons evaluate my purchases. They are fairly happy with my choices, although there was some disagreement on a certain black, lacy, cap-sleeved thing. (Son #1 thought it looked Goth, and cool. Son #3 thought it looked Goth, and, um, not cool. But all the boys defer to the fashion sense of Son #1, who, after all, is the only kid in the house with strong fashion opinions, based on what he sees in the outside world).

We are also packing the obligatory "one fancy outfit, just in case". So, I pulled out my 2 fairly nice dresses. One got the immediate nod, from all and sundry, as they had seen me in it just a few weeks ago. The other required a quick view, before Son #1 was willing to vote.

"Sparkly dresses, well, they can look nice, but they can also make you look kinda fat. You don't want to look like the Crazy Cat Lady."

Son #1 put the kibosh on the dress.

"You don't look fat, you don't look like the Crazy Cat lady, but the shoulders are...boring. They don't look like they go with the rest of the dress."

I may not have raised a son who will diaper my grandchildren or wash the dinner dishes, but my future daughter in law can rest assured that he will tell her exactly what he thinks, without making her feel like a sea cow.

I feel so...proud.

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