Saturday, July 07, 2007

UPDATE! Because, the minutiae of my day is so important to y'all

Son #1 came home from the park this afternoon and told me that he had run into The Other Boy Who Might Have Been Under a Death Threat This Week.

Said Boy had no idea, of course. But his first response was not the "Holy crap!" one might expect. What did he say?


Yup, apparently, this happens all the damn time.

Also, I found my keys. They were in the basement, in the middle of some sort of lego/Monopoly hotel/airsoft gun pellet village. So, my keys are safe, my car is safe, my sanity is no longer in question. It was The Boy, all along. Shoulda known.

And now, I can go do the stuff I've been wanting to do all afternoon, but have neglected in favor of looking at every surface in my house as if it would magically sprout keys.


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