Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Terrorist attack attempt? Could be.

Hubby works on a Navy base. This is the email he received today. Great googly moogly.

Yesterday we got briefed by NCIS on an incident that occurred out in
town that directly affected the security of our base.

Around 1700 Monday, 23 July, a truck driver of Middle Eastern decent
approached a Hispanic man in the San Souci parking lot area offering
$200 to drive his trailer truck on base. The Hispanic man turned him
away and then reported it to the authorities. No one knows what was
the trailer truck nor did the trailer truck attempt to gain access to
the base. The Security group wants to spread the word so everyone can
be very vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the
authorities. They are asking that if anyone notices anything to please
call 911 and identify their location and what they have seen. Local
authorities are aware and are on the lookout for this individual or any
other suspicious activities.

Please disseminate this information to your groups, the more awareness
we have, the better.

NAWC Anti-Terrorism Officer

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