Thursday, July 26, 2007

The worst part of Hubby's Band Cycle

I love it when Hubby is in a band. He's having a blast, I go to all his shows, I get to take pictures and dance and have a good time, and between sets we hang out. It's great.

When Hubby's not in a band, that's OK, too. He's bored, so we go out to listen to other bands, or so he can join open mic nights. Again, I get to take pictures, dance, have a good time, and hang out.

Today, however, we are in that in-between stage: he is practicing with a new band, but they are not yet ready to play out. So he's busy, he's tired, he's heard enough music lately, he doesn't want to go out. Tonight is the regular blues open mic we've been attending all summer--him to play, me to watch & listen. Tonight is also practice night, for the new band he's joining. So, he's not really expecting to want to go out.

But me? I want some live music! Darn.

We'll see what happens....

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