Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've been tagged! (yes, I begged for it)

So, thanks to ALF, here are 8 of my habits:

I check my email obsessively, and am so hooked on AIM that I carry my laptop all over the house so I can talk with my friends while I clean.

I like being weighed down, while I sleep. So, I often pile pillows on top of myself, in bed. It's cozy.

I swear more than I should. I swear less than I do in my head, though, so cut me some slack.

I have to clean the kitchen before I cook. Dinner takes a while, around here.

When I'm upset, I listen to really loud music, while cleaning. If you smell furniture polish, assume the worst.

Every year or so, when we drive to Florida, I have to stop at South of the Border to buy Blenheim's Diet Ginger Ale. I let myself have a bottle maybe twice a week, until they run out.

If you talk through the movie, I will hate you.

I can't shop with other people, because I tend to buy what THEY like, and hate it when I get it home.

Oh, and Andrea, Kerry, Kim, Nancy, Carol: TAG, you're IT!

1 comment:

Kim said...

So behind on my blogging.
Damn job!
Will try to respond to this today ... not at work tho. IF my work comp is FINALLY fixed today, I'd NEVER blog at work.
Not me.