Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hi! How are you?

So far today, I've been to the high school, the bank, the grocery store, the newspaper office, and a fast food restaurant.

9 people have asked me how I was. Each time, I smiled and told them I was Great! and asked how they were. They, if they bothered to respond, were also Great! Even the guy with two broken fingers on his dominant hand.

Nine times, today, I felt like the only real response would have been "Shitty! But, hey, thanks for askin'!"


ALF said...

HA! We had neighbors in Florida...a mother and daugther...who would always be sitting out in front of their house. So whenever we saw them, we would politely say "hi, how are you?"

I don't think they ever replied with the traditional, "fine, how are you?"

It was always more along the lines of "well, this is nothing short of the worst day of my life".

It was hard to know what to say after that...I usually went with "ok, well see you later"

Christine said...

See, yeah, that is why I kept my drama to myself :) No one needs to decide I'm crazy, right?