Friday, February 22, 2008

jtj3: The 'how we met' meme

jtj3: The 'how we met' meme

The Challenge is on, and coincidentally Hubby was telling Mr Backrub about how we met, last night, so here are 10 Things About How I Met Hubby:

We were students at UMCP.

We lived in adjacent dormitories, with a shared cafeteria.

I was on the rebound. My kinda-sorta boyfriend had left the state 2 days before. My friend Susan decided I needed to EAT SOMETHING ALREADY, so she hauled me down to the cafeteria.

We were badly dressed: I in the emerald green sweatsuit I'd had since jr high (with the unbrushed hair and depressed pallor to match), he in a red ringer t-shirt, Hawaiian shirt, blue OP corduroy shorts, tube socks with red stripes, and sneakers.

I didn't want to talk to anyone. I just wanted to sit. So when some weird guy asked if he could "invade our personal space", we basically told him he could do whatever he wanted, but we weren't going to talk to him.

Hubby was NOT the weird guy. He was WITH the weird guy.

The moment I saw him, I heard a voice in my head say, "There's your husband. You better hope he's nice."

I couldn't think of a way to keep him talking to me, so I ate off of his plate. (You can't leave a woman while she's eating your grapes.)

Hubby left the table with everyone but Weird Guy. Weird Guy asked me out. And I went, in hopes of getting to know Hubby. It worked.

After our first date, the following week, Hubby told me, "I can't date you anymore, ever."

We've been married nearly 20 years.


Anonymous said...

Oh now I know there's a conspiracy to melt my frozen heart! I read Jim's post earlier and now yours and I'm all gushy - thanks for that ;o)

Laura B. said...

Aahhh....young love. :-)

So if he refused to date you did you manage to melt his cold heart?

jtj3 said...

Christine, great post! I'm an incurable romantic, and your story is great. Thanks for doing the meme and for sharing...

ALF said...

why coudln't he date you anymore, ever?

Andrea said...

Do I know weird guy? I think I might know weird guy.

Christine said...

Laura--it was inevitable. He was my husband, after all. We went through a few rounds of "I can't ever date you again" and each time, I basically responded with "Ok, fine,'s the thing..."

jtj3--thanks! But somehow I couldn't find your story on your blog. I see the call-out for the meme, but not your 10 Things. I'M BLIND!

Alf--In short, I was heathen. And THAT is a whole slew of other posts.

Andrea--You probably knew Weird Guy. That was Steve Doll. Remember him?

snowelf said...

Hi Christine!!

This story is adorable!! I especially loved the grapes part! :) Thanks for sharing!!