Monday, February 04, 2008

So do I say anything? Who do I call?

I know the 14-year-old who was found unconscious on his bathroom floor: cocaine.
I know the 14-year-old who sold it to him.
He's still buying drugs, though not cocaine, today.

These kids used to be friends with one of the Sons, but then we pulled the Sons out of the local public school for a while and they lost touch. So I have a soft spot for both families, and an accompanying "thank God the boys lost touch--what if it were MY boy getting involved in this crap?". Used to be friends with one of the parents. Still run into the other set, from time to time.

Do I call the drug dealer's mom, in case she doesn't know? She probably wouldn't believe me.
Should I call the drug user's mom, in case she doesn't know he's still buying drugs?
Should I call the school, since these transactions are going on on the school bus?
Should I call the sheriff's anonymous tip line?


Sue said...

All of the above. What would you want if you were in their shoes? yes. I would do all of it.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely what Sue said - do *any* of them, but do *one* of them. There but for the grace of God....and all that :o)

Andrea said...

Agree with the previous two.
But prepared for the parents not be exactly embracing of the truth...At least you would know you did all that you could.

Cynthia said...

Add me to the heck yeah say something list. Seriously, my rule of thumb is, "if you know my kid is doing something stupid, dangerous, etc. CALL ME! Let me whack some send into him." It takes a village and all that....