Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Sky is Crying...or at least it is, in blogland

Today I found out that yet another blogger I check in with daily is calling it quits. The third in a week!

Hey, not that any of them should keep at it for MY benefit, but I'm sad to see them go. Sad, also, to think that they feel that blogging got to be unpleasant for them, or too much work, or too fighty. Ugh.

Well, to all of you, do whatcha gotta do. And please check back with me now and then, OK?


Tina said...

I know. Stinks when someone I've been stalking disappears. Grrr.

Sue said...

I'm sorry. I'll be back someday. It was fighty, I hate fighting. I'm going to come back with a smashing blog... someday. Just can't say when. I have the blogging gene in me. I can feel it. hahaah.

Andrea said...

Oh gosh, I hope I didn't start this new trend?

Anybody else I know that's calling it quit or suspending blogging for now?