Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dude, My Mom is NOT HOT, OK?

The other night, one of my flirtin' buddies asked me if the Sons' friends had ever said I was a Hot Mom. "Because if I were 15, I would totally think you were."

I of course told him that none of my sons friends think I am hot. Mostly, of course, I was thinking that all my sons' friends have seen me at 4 am at a sleepover, when I am not only not hot, I am also not nice. BECAUSE I WANT THEM TO SLEEP. My flirtin' buddies generally see me with brushed teeth and an enthusiastic attitude.

But then I went home and asked Son #1.

"Well, actually, (one friend of his who's here a lot) has mentioned it several times, BUT JEEZ, MOM, I ASSUMED HE WAS JOKING! THAT IS DISGUSTING!"

So, now Son #1 is mortified, and my flirtin' buddy is also mortified that he is coming across as "a dirty old man."

I, however, am feeling pretty spiffy.



Sue said...

Aahahahahah. You're a MILF now.

*sings* Stacy's mom has got it goin' on...

Cynthia said...

Heeeee heee heee! I think it's a riot! Oh, and as for mortifying DS #1, go for it! It's fun to mess with them!

; )

ALF said...

congrats on being a hot mom!

pinkpuffysleeves said...

I do have to say, who cares what your son thinks, because WHAT A COMPLIMENT. Okay, okay, OF COURSE you should care what your son thinks. But still, hot mom is pretty imporant!