Thursday, February 14, 2008

We need more restaurants in the Happy Boondocks

Hubby and I went out for Thai food for lunch. Very nice. And we planned to go for MORE Thai food, for dinner. (Thai people eat Thai food all day, every day, so why not?)

The Thai place was packed.
The Mexican place was packed.
The Vietnamese place wasn't packed, but it has Health Department Issues and featured a loudly screaming baby.
The seafood place was packed.
We drove past several other places and they were all packed.

We picked up Mr Brooks at Blockbuster, and takeout from Taco Bell. We let the Sons completely trash the kitchen, while we ate junky fast food and watched a movie.

Eh, it is not, perhaps, the most glamorous Valentine's Day celebration, but it was very much ours. And I now have a giant, heart-shaped box of candy and a teddy bear holding a heart to keep me company at my desk. So, can't beat that.

Mr Brooks, though predictable and full of holes, was an enjoyable movie. Someone recommended it to me...I have no idea whom.


Laura B. said...

I just posted to another friend that it's really in our ordinary moments where we find out what our marriages are made of. Sounds like yours is an awesome one! Glad you guys had a good Valentine's Day!!

Cynthia said...

Eh, we sat at the bar at the Japeanese place just to have a seat. Not romantic at all, but the food was good. Taco Bell and a movie, eh...not bad...