Wednesday, August 06, 2008

And they said it wouldn't last. . .

Andrea here from over at Asphalt & Brie guest blogging for our favorite blogger.

Christine and Hubby are off celebrating 20 years of wedded bliss. I gotta tell you folks that I've been in a whole mess of weddings but this was by far the most awesome! Hmmm, I remember it like yesterday (cue hazy fade-out and music). . .

  • Mike being ambushed and having his chest hairs shaved by a bunch of guys (roommates). Christine was royally pissed!

  • Bridesmaids, Christine, her mom and her sister picking out dresses and Mom treating us all to lunch.

  • Rehearsal dinner at Dankers. We ate so much and it was Yum-O

  • Food hangover on the big day.

  • Fight between groomsmen and bridesmaid over who gets what changing room at the church

  • Bridesmaids prancing around the church in shorts and flip flops one hour before the ceremony starts--yep, a few folks had started arriving

  • One of the bridesmaids dad rebuking us, "Don't you think you all need to get dressed."

  • Christine walking down in the most gorgeous dress and her hair perfectly in place (courtesy of a lot, and a mean A LOT of hair spray)

  • Mike and the groomsmen where HOT in their Tuxedo's. Who knew Rocker Dude and college boys could clean up so good.

  • Wedding Reception at the Officer's Club. They bought us our food but all we wanted was some hangover.

  • Limbo with a broom someone found in a closet.

  • We were some partying fools

Well, those are some of the memories. But my most favorite memory of all: seeing two friends whom I love dearly driving off to start their lives together.


So congratulations, Writer Girl and Rocker Dude!

When not traveling down memory lane, Andrea can usually be found in the soda aisle of Kroger trying to figure out the difference between Coke Zero and Diet Coke.


Cynthia said...

Andrea, awesome guest blogging!!

Have a great trip Christine!

ALF said...

Nice guest blog, Andrea! I'm glad you took the actual anniversary - you are way better qualified!