Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I wanna beeeee a part of it! New York, New Yorrrrrrk!

Ah, the street sounds.

Hubby gave me his wireless internet thingy so I could keep up with email and such. Mostly I used it to tell people I need to move to New York. Or, better yet, a giant New York-like city in a conservative, Southern state.

Houston? Are you listening? You need me. Hubby says so.

So I would walk down to Starbucks or Jamba Juice or the Asian-owned deli, hit the salad bar and hang out upstairs while Hubby slept...chatting with friends, writing, surfing the net, but most importantly just listening to the city.

Why is it that TV sounds grate on my nerves, but sirens and traffic do not?

The deli bars were great. Huge, varied, and fresh. And it is easy to find unsweetened jasmine tea.

Cynthia just went on a big rant about how great it is to live here in the middle of nowhere, because you can get perfect tomatoes and cucumbers and sea salt. Oh, PLEASE. New York has all that, too. Only they have it in the middle of the city, and it will cost you.

Sing it, Eva!

Here's the front of our hotel. We were just steps away from Times Square. The room itself was nothing out of the ordinary, but the location was PERFECT. That little green awning is at the deli.


Cynthia said...

Tell, you what, you live in the city and I'll stay here in the country eating my cukes and tomatoes for breakfast like I am right now! I'll visit you, you visit me, and I am sure I can find fresh produce there, but I am not going to be able to walk the farm fields in Times Square... : )

Christine said...

Yeah. And when you can find Louboutins in the Park, we're even...

Not that I need a pair. But they HAVE them. I SAW.

Julieness said...

New York is SO awesome. If I didn't have kids, I would move there immediately. But since I could only afford a 1 bedroom apartment, I stay here, in the bible belt. Where 4 bedrooms aren't that expensive.

Oh yeah, I tagged you on my blog.