Monday, August 11, 2008

Crock Pot Mac & Cheese

Cynthia told me about a year of crockpotting, and I told Amy. Now all 3 of us have the crockpot bug. Amy made the mac&cheese last night, to mixed reviews, so I tried it tonight.

It is not the amazing miracle food they say, but it is pretty good. And, you know, it is homemade and real food. Perhaps I will tweak the recipe, in future. I did kinda customize it already, though:

wholegrain noodles (it's what we buy, folks)
1% milk (see above)
we didn't have dry mustard, so I used some Goulden's...don't laugh!
and the cheese was about half American, half cheddar, with about 1/4 c shredded brie (because it was sitting in the fridge looking lost)

Sons #3 and 4 have tried it and declared it OK, "but there's something in there that makes it not so good. I can't tell what."


Sue said...

You were in MY fridge, weren't you? We only buy the whole grain pasta and the 1% (it's cheapest, haha).

And I LURVE brie (or muenster).

I have made homemade mac and cheese, but it didn't taste right either... hrm.

hehehe... word confirmation on this is: qkiwet (quickie wet, har har har, I'm a perv)

Cynthia said...

Haven't tried the Mac n Cheese one, but I am making the Philly Steaks tomorrow!!!

And Sue, that's hysterical!!