Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What? How do YOU prepare for vacation?

We're leaving for NYC tomorrow morning, early. I gave a key to the kid who'll be watching our cats, gave the roofer the OK to work on the roof while we're gone, called the next door neighbor to tell her not to freak out when she sees guys climbing on the roof or letting themselves into the house, and continued piling laundry on the heap in the living room because, naturally, the THIRD part Sears needed is still on backorder and will not arrive for a full month.

I have yet to pack a thing.

But I did just re-caulk the master bathroom shower stall. Because there comes a point when no amount of scrubbing is going to get rid of the mildew on there, and I get cocky about my home repair skills.

Let's just say it's a good thing that my father will never have any reason to look at the caulk job I did in our master bath. Because he would just burst into tears of shame, I am sure.


ALF said...

I am a last minute, panic packer. And then I pack anything and everything and wind up with waaaay too much stuff.

STUFT said...

I'm the total opposite Alf and pack days in advance leaving us all walking around the house in our pyjama's and wearing the same pair of undies.

If you really want to waste some time I wrote about a recent trip to Vanuatu and how I packed for that at http://stuft.com.au/2008/07/19/baggage/

Love your blog