Monday, August 11, 2008

Staaaaaaaart spreadin' the newwwwwwwws

We're back!
Much thanks to Andrea and ALF for ensuring that I still have a blog even though I ignored it completely while we were on vacation.

For those of you who discovered my blog because you love ALF, well, let me just say that you will probably never see a grass-related post here, because as far as I am concerned grass is something of which you are only vaguely aware until it is time to pay Son #2 to mow it.

New York was flippin' AWESOME. I had been there briefly, before, about 22 years ago, with some friends who 'showed me everything I needed to see', according to them, but this time, baby, I had a blast. Hubby swears I was born for life in the city. And I hasten to agree. I actually called/emailed/IMed half my friends, over the course of the trip, to tell them that I need to move to New York.

How I will finance this, I do not know, but those petty details are for other people to sort out. Start thinking, please.

The photo, by the way, I took at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. Which totally rocks. I got myself a TRULY BITCHIN' hat. You shall see.


Sue said...

I know this feeling! Only, I've never been to NYC. I've been to Surfer's Paradise though, and I realized I loved the city life!

ALF said...

I just knew you'd love NYC. It is my favorite city ever.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!
I'm hugely jealous - I've always wanted to see NYC.
Pictures, anytime you're ready please. Thanks. ;o)