Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm gonna make a braaaaaand new staaaart of it

We drove to NY and back, so our car was in a parking garage across the street from the hotel, but we didn't need it at all. We took the subway once, a taxi twice, but otherwise just hoofed it. Which was great, because when we were not walking we were eating. Remember the sandwich? Here it is again:

We also heard terrific music. Really, really great music. Blues at BB King's (awesome dinner, too), and rock at Smith's Bar, which, were it in southern Maryland, would feature drunken rednecks singing the wrong lyrics to an off-key Man in the Box, but in Manhattan had talented bands with singers who were almost good enough to make it. But not quite. We even bought a CD from one of the performers, mostly because we knew the girl deserved SOMETHING.

We saw Young Frankenstein, which was actually a musical. And still funny.

We ate Thai food. And it was disappointing. Not bad, exactly, but not as good as we can get here at home. Which was a great thing to discover. Something! We have SOMETHING they don't have!

Hubby also found fantastic bagels, crisp, delicious popcorn, and pizza by the slice that made him moan so hard I got jealous. I picked up black-and-white cookies for the Sons, and rugelach. Yum. And, yes, we spent $42 at the Hershey's store. Because, well, if you're going to be gone for 5 days you should come home with a boatload of candy.

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ALF said...

New York pizza is the best. Now I am dying for some but I have to wait until Christmas.