Thursday, January 29, 2009

On this day in 1964

The 9th Winter Olympic Games opened in Innsbruck, Austria.

Dr Strangelove was released to theaters.

The Beatles recorded Can't Buy Me Love at Pathé Marconi Studios, Paris, France.

Philip Morris suggested laughter as the best medicine to combat the Surgeon General's report on cigarette smoking.

The San Francisco cable car system was declared a national historic landmark.

NASA launched the Saturn 5.

And, well, a lot of other stuff happened, too. Most importantly, though, to me, Hubby was born.

Happy Birthday, Hubby!


Victoria said...

Hey Christine... worked with your hubby at NIH back when he was a Mac/computer geek there... corresponded w/ him while you were in Thailand... reconnected recently on FB and found your blog searching for pounding sand band basham... love your stories about the boys... great sense of humor and writing style makes for fun reading even if it is a "waste of time." My blog isn't nearly as funny but links to some pretty pictures of a recent Costa Rican vacation...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday super base playing hubby!! Hope you're having a great day :o)

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Mr. B!

ALF said...

Happy Birthday to that guy!

bash (hubby) said...

Thanks to everyone for the happy birthday wishes!

Penelope, is that how they spell the name of my instrument on your side of the pond, "base"? That actually makes more sense than "bass" -- One of my smart alec sons always pronounces it like the fish, as in "Where'd you catch that bass you're playing, dad?"

You can actually see a picture of a bass made out of a bass at my own aborted blog,

Maybe I should add another post someday.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Happy belated birthday to him! And very interesting site on the Philip Morris link!