Thursday, January 01, 2009

Stuff I'm not supposed to like

Velveeta. I know. It is not food. But when it comes to mac & cheese, actual cheese does not do it.

Dennis Miller. Everybody says his metaphors are weird, but...he made me stay awake through football, OK? Hilarious.

Teenage boys. Trust me. They are a hoot. And teenage girls are way scarier.

U2. Monotonous, overplayed, and with that Bono idiot as a frontman. I know. But what can I say? I am of the U2 generation, I guess, so I like them. Sometimes. Would I pay to see them? No. But I like "One".

Driving, especially on long trips or in traffic. Just gimme the keys, ok?

Those couple-or-six grey hairs showing up on the top of my head. Eh, maybe I'll start freaking out about that when they invite their friends, but so far I am ok with them.

Hello Kitty. Yes, in 2009, I am coming clean as a fan. Not all varieties, but she does occasionally catch my eye.

Stubble. Hubby thinks it looks sloppy, but I think the he-hasn't-shaved-all-weekend look can be smokin' hot. Lucky him, huh?

And now, I shall get back to being productive.


Cynthia said...

LOL....nice list....Velveeta huh? Over cheddar? Well, I think you need to try my mac-n-cheese recipe!!!

Andrea said...

Velveeta makes the best mac and cheese. My sister makes the m & c with it and adds, cream cheese AND the cracker barrel cheese. AWESOME!!!

ALF said...

I, too, am a Hello Kitty fan. At least I know I'm in good company. :)

Rol said...

I'm of the U2 generation too... and I couldn't hate them more if I tried. ;-)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Nope I can't do velveeta mac and cheese - I like real cheddar, preferably on the sharp side for that. But Velveeta is the only way I like chile con queso. I just don't like chile con queso unless it's made with velveeta and rotel tomatoes. Real authentic, huh?

I'm glad to know the teenage boy thing is easier than teenage girl, because it's been ROUGH so far and my gal is only six months into teenager-hood. One kid to go.

I have sort of mixed feelings about Hello Kitty and U2. I like the stubble though. And I like long trips too, but I much prefer the passenger seat.