Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things They Don't Tell You About Life With Musicians

Hubby and Son #1 are both musicians--Hubby actually gets paid for it, while Son #1 is still hunkered in the garage for the most part.

Everyone knows I love to hear them practice and love even more to hear Hubby on stage. What they might notknow:

--The best way to convince your musician that his new amp is sufficient: tell him you can feel it in your chest, and all along the side of your jaw. Because, truly, he doesn't want to be loud enough. He wants to know that at some point he could be too loud.

--If the vacuum starts making a horrible burning smell, it probably has a guitar string wrapped around the beater bar. This happens once or twice a month.

--I find guitar picks hiding in the oddest places. The ashtray of my car. The back of the linen closet. I usually have one in my purse. Need one? Ask. Or, you know, just reach around.


ALF said...

We also have guitar picks randomly dispersed about the house. The other day I found one and I swear it just appeared out of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

In life, a man must take one wife. A guitar player takes his pick!